Ways To Motivate Your Kids

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How hard is it to get your kid to do something for you? It can be simple things like cleaning their bedrooms or even helping out with simple chores around the house, if it seems like you can never convince them, you need to learn the correct way to convince and motivate them. So here are a few.

1. Give rewards the correct way

The most common way to motivate is the well known reward system. However, what needs to be kept in mind is that children will be so dependent on the rewards that they will stop cooperating when the reward stops. In the short term it maybe the best option you see but what you need to think about is the long term affect on him. Sometimes, when children are rewarded for doing what they love and when the reward is stopped, they tend to stop doing what they love. This means that reward will extinguish their passion. What you need to do is let them feel satisfied after achieving something. That way, they would be eager to do it again and again. Such exercises can be done at your nearest child development center.

2. Let them do what they love

Know their likes and dislikes and convince them that if they carry out a certain activity for you, you will let them do it. It is actually a win-win situation if it is about a talent they have. For example, if your child is good in drawing, you can give art education for kids if they do what is told. Here, your work will be done and also his talents and skills will be improved.

3. Accept their imperfections

Some kids love certain chores but lose the love for it since parents can be too rushed and picky on how well the chore has been performed. You need to understand that of course your kid cannot perform it as well as you do and of course they would take more time than you. However, if you want to see your child learn, give it time. Let them go in their pace and learn on their own. Visit http://creativekids.com.hk/regular-programs/ 

4. Express appreciation

Saying thank you to your kid is nothing to be ashamed of. Whenever he does something for you, appreciate it and commend it. Kids want to please their parents and they always look forward to being appreciated so do make it a point to tell them how well they have done.

5. Lead by example

You cannot expect your kid to do a chore the correct way if you are doing it wrong. Kids grow up looking at you. They take you as an example and even as an inspiration. Hence you need to behave well too. Inculcate good manners in them by saying please and thank you to them too. Also, mean what you say to them. Do not merely commend them. It should come from your heart.